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sales. the street reacting. rbc, stifel, and red bush all cutting their price targets. jabil circuits a down some 28% in the last 12 months. now, jabil's largest customer, though, is apple, and they are a different story. traders telling me that, technically, that stock has been acting better. we had an initial move higher last week, held higher, digested those gains. traders want to see if we can take back 462 bucks, which is the 52-moving average. yahoo! moved higher today. analysts moved that to outperform. they assume ali baba will complete its ipo within the next 12 months, benefiting yahoo! as it has a 24% stake in the company. bmc software also enjoying some support. reuters is reporting that private equity firms are joining forces in the auction of bmc, making it more likely that the business software maker will be taken private. and we'll end here on aviv, the health care-focused reit began trading today under the ticker aviv, that stock up about 2% right now. >> in the meantime, had a pretty good sell-off for a time, for a brief moment, the dow was down 128 points. well off
. oliver bush from gary goldberg financial services joining us. also with us, matt mccormack from ball and gainer investment council. oliver, i'm going to start with you. you do see a correction coming in the s&p. how significant will it be and what will trigger it? >> we don't know what's going to trigger it. but saluations are certainly stretched at this point. we had 1550, 1560. that was above most people's targets for year end. you have to ask yourself there's going to be a little pullback. 4%, 5%, 6%. you've got the bank of japan, u.s. fed, ecb. everybody's adding liquidity. >> there's plenty of money. >> that doesn't mean there's no risk in the market. smart investors shouldn't try to time things but look at high quality dividend paying stocks. matt and i were talking beforehand. we both agree that's the best place to be. the thing you should be doing right now in terms of paring back risks. >> did he give away your schpiel there? >> if you look at a stock leading s&p year to date it's netflix. 14 times price to book. in cincinnati we say that's a little bit overvalued. look at d
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2